Forgotten waltzes

Duration: 1 h
Concert of excerpts from operettas, operas and musicals of the Robert Stolz Vocal Studio

Vocal studio Robert Stolz

brings together vocal soloists who acquired their singing skills at various music schools and universities at home and abroad. They express their desire to recreate music by performing operetta and opera repertoire, musicals and solos from different musical periods. A special place is dedicated to the outstanding work of the composer and conductor Robert Stolz (1880-1975), a world-renowned musician who began his journey at the age of eighteen in Maribor as the conductor of the Maribor City Theater (1898-1901).

Pianist Tomaž Zamuda is a professor at the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet, accompanist and musical re-enactor in several ensembles.

The group creates under the artistic direction of singing teacher and choir director Aleš Marčič, director of the Anton Martin Slomšek School of Music and Ballet in Maribor.

Vocal studio Robert Stolz operates within the Association of German-speaking women Mostovi from Maribor.

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Where are we
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