A Tree Grows in My Dreams Every Night

Duration: 55 MIN
Outdoor cinema cycle Letni kino Minoriti

A Tree Grows in My Dreams Every Night / MARIBOR PREMIERE

Vid Hajnšek / Slovenia, 2023, 55 min / slovenian

A poetic documentary mosaic of a remote landscape and its people. Through intertwining the individual and collective, the film reflects on the simultaneous existence of different memories deeply embedded in the Haloze region. The narrative is anchored in the photographs of Stojan Kerbler, the poetry of the author's grandfather France Forstnerič, and the stories of Haloze protagonists from various generations.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the author Vid Hajnšek, moderated by Bojan Labovič.

It all began with reading my grandfather's poetry after a very long time... /.../ Concurrently with reading, I discovered the photographic work of Stojan Kerbler. His photographs, underscored by my grandfather's verses in my mind, deeply affected me. I perceived them as a universal yet very personal history of a society, a community. I felt engaged enough to embark on exploring places that evoke such intense creativity. Along the filming journey of this 'Haloze film,' we met exceptional people who were willing to share fragments of their lives, memories, hopes, dreams, and thus emerged a narrative that mirrors this path of encounters, coming together, and sharing

Vid Hajnšek

The film evening is produced in collaboration with the Directors Guild of Slovenia and the International Documentary Film Festival DOKUDOC.

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