Bakalina Velika

Duration: 1 h 20 min
indie, folk, alter
Bakalina Velika

First there was Bakalina: a duo of self-made musicians - songwriter and singer, language farmer-poet, Janij Kutin and harmonica player Renata Lapanja. In almost a decade since its creation, Bakalina's contemporary-folk visions and socially critical and lyrical messages, sung in the Čadr dialect, have taken Bakalina from the Tolmina region to the largest concert venues to the most remote villages. With each concert and album, Bakalina also grew and became Bakalina Velika, in which the members of Jani's former collective Salamandra Salamandra (Samo Kutin, Dejan Lapanja, Matej Magajne) and the accompanying camera crew - percussionist Marjan Stanić and Roman-Trice trumpeter Andrea Pandolfo - play. So far, they have released two albums, Prvi krajec came out in the spring of 2021, followed by Zviezdna srebruo the year before. Both albums were well received by both the public and the audience, but their music still comes to life best in the direct interaction between the musicians and the listeners.

Jani Kutin – vocals, lyrics, flute, goat horn

Marjan Stanić – percussion, drums

Matej Magajne – electric guitar, bass guitar

Andrea Pandolfo – trumpet, French horn, piano

Dejan Lapanja – drums, acoustic guitar, bass guitar

Samo Kutin - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, balafon, brac, hurdy gurdy, bass harp, n'goni, sounds

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