Bimberli and short animated films by Rok Predin

Duration: 22 min

In Slovenian language, Slovenia/Great Britain, 22 minutes 3+, discussion with the author after the film

Pok, Rok Predin, Great Britain, 2017, 3'39''
Angel's Carol, Rok Predin, Great Britain, 2014, 3'20''
Bimberli, Rok Predin, Slovenia, 2022, 15'

Selected children's films by author Roko Predin take us to the enchanting world of imagination and unusual adventures of film heroes. Let's get to know little Poko, the gentleman in the car who returns home in the run-up to Christmas and is crossed by a rabbit, and how the girl faces the problem of a friend who is too big to share a home with.

Bimberli is the story of a girl who shares a home with her magical friend, the punk Bimberli. They have been inseparable since she was born. Over the years, Bimberli became too big to live in an apartment. The neighbors are bothered by the noise, so they have complained to the house council several times. The Oversized Bunkots must travel to the Island of Memories, but the girl delays her departure. Finally, he receives a final warning that he must leave the bunkhouse immediately if he is not taken away by the city guards. Will they manage to reach the island in time?

Let's step into the world of visual creator, animator and film director Rok Predin. He has created a series of short animated films, commercials, music videos, television spots and stage projections. His animated short film One of a Kind won the audience award in Stuttgart in 2014, and he has also created music videos for The Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, Take That, Madness and The Beatles. After viewing the short animated films, there will be a discussion with the author.

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