Duration: 50 min

The text Bimberli tells the story of adorable magical creatures that we also know as imaginary friends. These fictional creatures are common companions of children in early childhood; they are their confidants or conspirators.

In the story, we follow a girl whose imaginary friend Bumpy named Bimberli has already grown quite a bit and now he is too big and too loud for the apartment. Therefore, the house council decides that the girl must take him to the Island of Memories immediately.

Bimberli is a story about growing up. With the help of the imaginary creature, the story illuminates everything that such a character symbolises. Bumpy can be an imaginary friend, it can be a habit that we have to break, it can be an object to which we become attached … Bumpy, in a broader sense, is not necessarily just something related to childhood. Bumpy can challenge us to change and say goodbye all our lives.

Nevertheless, saying goodbye to Bimberli and his departure for the Island of Memories does not mean that we must suppress the childishness and erase it from our memory and that we must grow up immediately. On the contrary: it is nice and right to carry all this with us but in a different way.

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