birds of unknown

Duration: 1 H 15 MIN
Festival Lent

Welcome to the journey through the musical universe of birds that glide into the unknown without a care in world.

There are three of these so-called birds; vocalist Patricija Škof, saxophone player Tibor Pernarčič, and guitar player Tilen Beigot. The band made their first appearance in 2020 in RTV’s (Slovenian radio and television) radio show Prva vrsta and was featured on the music compilation Stereo. Two years later, in December 2022, they released their debut album Gently Sailing. So far they appeared at festivals such as Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Kick Jazz Festival (Porgy & Bess, Vienna), Jazzinty, Jazz 'ma mlade, Imago, Zvončki in trobentice (Cankar Hall), JazzWerkstatt Graz, Letni Oder Ruše, and Art Camp, and are scheduled to appear at the MENT Festival in spring 2023. In October 2022, they opened up for the renowned British artist Alfa Mist at the Palac Akropolis in Prague. In 2022, they were chosen as the artists representing Slovenia in the international project Footprints Europe that should help them develop their band further and make a name for themselves on international stages. They’re also planning an international tour with Footprints in spring 2023. 

The band refuse to be compartmentalized into a specific genre, as shown already by their name, yet they draw most of their creative inspiration from jazz, avantgarde, ethno, and soul. Birds of unknown are synonymous with freedom of musical creation. They share the same primary goal – find an expression to call their own and tell their story.

Patricija Škof, vocals
Tibor Pernarčič, tenor saxophone
Tilen Beigot, guitar

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