Duration: 1 H 15 MIN
Festival Lent

Exalted. Mystical. Catharsic!

With his latest, sixth album LachrimaeBožo Vrećo further affirms his artistic expression – he weaves traditional melodies, singing, and lyrics into his singer-songwriter oeuvre and into choruses that are indigenous to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. His innovative approach to the sevdalinka makes its presence clearly felt across all of his albums, an approach inspired by the melodic and rhythmic structure of the maqam as well as jazz, blues, and spiritual music.

Božo’s lyrical tenor, full of unique grace and angelic sound, sings praise to the deepest feelings that every listener can relate to. He sings about love, longing and separation, about sadness, melancholy, and loneliness. Every verse is a declaration of love on its own. His concerts are well known for the catharsis-like trance and special energy that brings people’s pent-up emotions to the surface, evokes elation, and makes tears flow down one’s cheeks.

Božo works with artists of global fame and writes new sevdah lyrics that makes fans of his quickly-growing loyal audience time and time again. He also writes music for film, ballet, and opera and is involved in documentaries on sevdah and his avantgarde contribution to the style. He’s particularly fond of the mystic nature of authentic Balkan monophonic and polyphonic music. His artistic approach puts him among the most important artists of modern sevdah.

We’re in for a concert of both sevdah pieces from ancient times as well as those created recently. Božo will be supported on stage by renowned musicians from Germany, Turkey, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Božo Vrećo, vocals
Kadir Dogan, percussion
Demir Kanturovski, trumpet
Marko Nikolić, keyboards, accordion
Christopher Esch, guitar

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