BREZODRA (eng: without stage)

Duration: 4 ure
Process of researching, experimenting, reflecting by Nagib

Culture Incubator – studio, GT22 – lobby and library, Minoriti Church and Judgment Tower, forest or meadow etc.

Creative Community

Tery Žeželj and Alicia Ocadiz, Anja Bornšek, Vesna Bukovec, Ana Čigon in Tia Čiček, Saška Rakef, Tina Kozin in Bojana Šaljić Podešva, All the Children Are Insane – Petja Golec Horvat, Lan Žiga Andrelič, Jerca Smrečnik and Simona Bobnar Radenković with artistic assistance by Petja Labović, Andreja Kopač, Jaka Berger and Miha Šajina / Shekuza.

BREZODRA (Eng: without stage)

is a continuation of Nagib’s last year and year-long process of researching, experimenting, reflecting and performing beyond the confines of established spaces and production structures. This edition of BREZODRA has been developed as a multi-hour manifestation of different practices, formats of coexistence and co-creation, reflections and discourses that aim to explore new perspectives and performance strategies that emerge from reflecting on building (new) communities and creating a different presence, attention and action. BREZODRA is an idea and a contribution to the development of new models of cultural production that deviates from the established systems of production and perception of artworks. It is an experiment that invites the viewer to directly experience the creative methods, processes and (artistic) work as a whole.
BREZODRA = common creative process of perceiving, experimenting, reflecting and acting / sensory walk / exhibition and utopian resting place / liquid stories dinner / manifest(o)ation / in search / in duration / fleeing the known / drifting on sound grooves / entering another time-space continuum / attempting a network program of new production structures / hell of a party / still unknown … --

Production Društvo Nagib Process of curating Petra Hazabent in open dialogue with Anja Bornšek, Tomaž Tomljanović, Andreja Kopač, Toni Soprano, Barbara Kukovec, Katja Kosi, Miha Horvat etc. Production assistant Eneja Urnaut Visual interventions Toni Soprano Meneglejte Co-production and support to the idea MKC Maribor – Culture Incubator, Maribor Puppet Theatre and Minoriti, Fundation Sonda - GT22, Narodni dom Maribor Partners Vinyl Fabrika, Platforma konS Technical support Marko Lük, Tomaž Tomljanović, Rob Canning Financial support Municipality of Maribor and Ministry of Culture

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