Duration: 2 h 10 min

Hirokazu Koreeda / South Korea, Japan, 2022 / 129 min / Korean with Slovenian subtitles

The mediator is a warm and touching family film about five people who find themselves on an unusual journey when they are brought together by chance by a little child. Hirokaz Koreeda's first Korean film (Dads) won Song Kang-ho, the star of Parasite, the best actor award at Cannes.

Sang-hyun is a dry cleaner owner who is constantly burdened with debt. Dong-soo works at a church that cares for abandoned children. One rainy night, they secretly take away the baby boy left by the young mother in front of the "baby box". But the next day, the child's mother unexpectedly returns. The two female detectives observe the events from afar...

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