Bruno Šimleša: (P)ostanite zdravi

Duration: 1 H
Lecture organised by Večer newspaper

Bruno Šimleša is a popular and renowned Croatian sociologist and author of several books in the field of popular psychology and spirituality. Seven of his books have been published in Slovenian, including bestsellers such as Ljubeznoslovje, Šola življenja, (P)ostati zdrav. For 18 years, he has been helping cancer patients to cope with the challenges they face.

The author will address the following topics

  • How do our thoughts and feelings affect our health?

  • Why do we get sick in the first place?

  • What should we do when we get sick, or how can we help people close to us?

  • How does the real science of the mind influence the body?

  • How do we live whole, balanced and consequently healthy?

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