Call it Amber

Duration: 1 h 30 min
Call it Amber

Call it Amber opens a window into ancient wine traditions and cultures, to understand how a precious amber liquid became popular once again – and how it spearheaded a worldwide movement of passionate wine lovers who crave naturally made, additive-free wines that challenge and refresh in equal measure. The main aim of the film is to educate the public of the origins, production practices  and rising popularity of natural, particularly orange wines.

Trailer credits: Mojca MavecSimon J. WoolfDouglas WreggCarla CapalboJohn WurdemanIago Bitarishvili, Zaliko Bodjadze, Valter KramarIsabelle LegeronDario PrinčičJoško GravnerSaša RadikonValter MlečnikAleš KristančičVasja ČotarJoško RenčelJoe WarwickSylvie AugereauAndrea PetriniRed Line Production

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