Denis Beganović

Duration: 1 h 20 min

Denis Beganović is one of the most recognizable trombonists on the local music scene and one of the most active musicians on the Slovenian coast. Some time ago, he released the album Senses, decorated with soundscapes and a cinematic atmosphere, where all the senses are activated, and the feelings evoked are relaxing and pleasant. He is already working on a second album called Nuances, which will be released next year. This time, Denis will perform together with four well-established Slovenian musicians, with whom he improves the content of the album and creates a recognizable sound with it.

For some time now, Denis has been associated with a reduced line-up - a trio, where we can hear the outstanding bass player Petar Smrdel on the double bass, and on the acoustic classical guitar, associated with the ambient effects of the unique Mario Babojelić. For this occasion, they will be joined by the increasingly sought-after Slovenian drummer - Žiga Smrdel and the special guest of the evening - vocalist Zala Smolnikar.

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