Documentaries in Maribor: Something for everyone, directed by Bojan Labović

Duration: 2 h

Narodni dom Maribor is marking 30 years of cultural creativity, which is immortalized in the new documentary film Za vsakega nekaj (Something for Everyone), written and directed by Bojan Labović.

The film, which was co-produced by the Narodni dom Maribor and Television Slovenia, offers a distinct author's view of the cultural landscape of the city, which has been actively (co)created at the Narodni dom Maribor for the last thirty years. The author described it as follows: "The documentary film is not a discussion using eternal questions about what and what the presence of the Narodni dom Maribor and the Lent Festival is, or rather should be. Accustomed to different points of view, which, as a rule, do not provide an answer, the authors of the film also do not strive to find the final "analytical truth" about the mission of something that has existed in the city for thirty years and that everyone would do in their own way, even though many times they themselves do not know how. Also, the film does not touch on numbers, lists and other abundance of data, which speak a lot, but say little about feelings, both personal and shared. In fact, it speaks to the wonder of the long-term existence of something that is subject to constant questioning of what the city needs and what it doesn't. This eternal bipolarity between chanson and songstress, opera and amusement park, stage and playground, which in the city collides with the high and the profane, thereby overlooking the character of the essence, its dispersion in different parts of the city and its identities. As one of the protagonists of the film Milan Latin Muso says: "For everyone, something is not always bad". And as the other protagonist Jure Ivanušič confirms, when he notes that the soul of Maribor moves from a worker to an intellectual and from a farmer to a citizen."

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