Double Deception (Heojil kyolshim)

Duration: 2 h 20 min
Heojil kyolshim

Drama / Chan-wook Park / South Korea, 2022 / 138 min / Korean with Slovenian subtitles

The giant of South Korean cinema, Park Chan-wook, pays magnificent tribute to the legacy of film noir in his new film, for which he was awarded the prize for best director at last year's Cannes Film Festival.

Police are investigating the death of a man who fell from the top of a cliff into a ravine. While investigating the circumstances, Detective Hae-joon visits Seo-rae, the dead man's wife. As she shows no signs of agitation or grief over her husband's death, she becomes the prime suspect in the case. After an intense interrogation, Hae-joon begins to surreptitiously observe the young widow. The attractive girl starts to freak him out more and more, especially since he hides his feelings so well. The detective and the suspect thus develop a complex relationship that leads to an understanding of the crime committed, but at the same time obscures the view of it

"Double Deception is a story for adults. It is a love story and a detective story at the same time. But I want to emphasize that it is a story of loss that everyone can relate to. Instead of treating it as a graphic tragedy, I tried to express it with subtlety, elegance and humor.." - Park Chan-wook

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