Duo Borut Mori and Igmar Jenner

Duration: 1 H 15 MIN
Festival Lent

Aside from their academically polished and easy-flowing playing style, and the vast emotional investment they put into their live performances, the duo are well known for frequent tempo and harmony shifts and a complete mastery of dynamic. The duo’s musical horizon knows virtually no limits when it comes to idea design and composition, extending all the way from musical motifs of the Scandinavian peoples in the north to the laid-back attitude of the Mediterranean in the south and the fiery emotions of Constantinople in the east, often seasoned with Alpine major and Slavic minor. Their music also flirts with some Latin American styles and is neatly rounded up with a hefty dose of classical music and jazz. 

The creative partnership of two excellent musicians began in 2004 when they met at the Graz University of Music. They soon developed a distinct and recognizable musical style that appealed to audiences both in clubs and concert halls. They did it by fusing sound traditions from different parts of the world and adding a personal touch. In 2009, they recorded an original record entitled Perunika, which earned them the prestigious Austrian World Music Award in 2010. The award opened the doors to various concert stages and festivals across Europe. Amazing technical skills bordering on perfection, a perfect fit of musicians, and the duo’s elegance and melancholic ease – all of this combined all but guarantees a perfect concert experience. 

Borut Mori, accordion
Igmar Jenner, violin

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