Dušan Pernat: The (In)visible Role of the Theatre Producer

Duration: 1 H
58th Maribor Theatre Festival

For over four decades, theatre producer and organiser Dušan Pernat worked for the Mladinsko Theatre as its international tour manager. Thanks to him, Mladinsko productions, for example, Scheherazade and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, found their way to the most prestigious world theatre festivals and acquired an almost cult status. With more than six hundred guest performances in over thirty countries where they performed over thirty productions, Pernat importantly co-created Mladinsko’s international identity and placed Slovenian theatre creativity on the international map. The discussion with Dušan Pernat, who will talk about his rich and interesting experiences and different challenges of the often-overlooked profession of a theatre producer, will be moderated by journalist and writer Vesna Milek.

In collaboration with the Maribor Library.

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