Film in Minoriti: Selection of award-winning shorts

Duration: 1 h 20 min
EVA, 27, Drijf, Havnesjefen and Hardly working
short movie


Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak / Adriatic Animation/Eesti Joonisfilm / Croatia, Estonia / 2022 / 15'58"

It is pouring heavily at the funeral. There are a lot of tears, too much wine, a few woodpeckers, and the gaps are filled by a shard of dreams.


Flóra Anna Buda / Miyu Productions/Boddah / France, Hungary / 2023 / 10'38" / subtitles

Alice is celebrating her 27th birthday. She still lives with her parents, although this limits her; to escape the barren everyday life, he takes refuge in dreams. After a psychedelic party on the roof of the factory, she gets into a serious bicycle accident while drunk. Will it embolden her to enter adulthood?


Levi Stoops / Lunanime / Belgium / 2023 / 15' / subtitles

A lost naked couple on a piece of tree trunk is carried to and fro on the open sea. Misunderstanding each other's desires and boundaries, their struggle for their own survival and the survival of their relationship escalates into a bloody battle.


Mia L. Henriksen, Konrad Hjemli / Norway / 2022 / 7' 15'' / subtitles

The film Luški kapitan tells about the eponymous swan and how it turned from a popular city mascot into a wanted criminal.

Hard working / Total Refusal

Austria / 2022 / 20'34'' / subtitles

Ethnographic investigation of the work and life reality of non-player characters, digital extras in video games. Their repetitive motions, patterns of action, and bugs and errors draw a vivid analogy to work under capitalism.

Production and organization Minoriti Cultural District, Maribor Puppet Theatre • partners in program selection Konzorcij Film in Maribor • the program is supported by the Municipality of Maribor.

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