Film in Minoriti: The Zone of Interest

Duration: 1 H 43 MIN
Jonathan Glazer / 2024 / 103' / Germany

Rudolf Höss was a commander in the German army in World War II. He lives with his wife Hedwig and their children in an idyllic house, with unspoilt nature just a stone's throw away. It is the perfect environment in which to bring up children: they can play in peace while their mother tends the garden, and at the end of the day the family gathers for dinner. Something is different about the Höss family. The Hösses' estate borders on the Auschwitz concentration camp. But this does not interfere with the family's daily routine. The occasional gunshots, screams and dust from the chimneys are just a fleeting background disturbance that no one bats an eyelid at.

British director Jonathan Glazer has adapted Martin Amis's novel into an unprecedented film about the Holocaust. Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

The worst crime and tragedy is that a human being has done this to a fellow human being. It suits us to distance ourselves from them as much as possible, thinking that we are not capable of such behaviour ourselves, but we should be less sure of it.

Jonathan Glazer

Organisation and execution Kulturna četrt Minoriti, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor • programme selection partners Konzorcij Film in Maribor • programme supported by the Mestna občina Maribor.

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