Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Duration: 35 min
Zlatolaska in trije medvedi

In our performance, Goldilocks is a curious little girl. With her eyes wide open, she looks at the world around her. She experiences the sunny morning in all its beauty and fullness. She notices clouds, admires butterflies and flowers, even a jumping bunny does not escape her gaze. She runs after the bunny, but he is too fast. Goldilocks looks for the bunny in the bushes, behind the trees … She is so into the game that she doesn’t even realise she wandered off deep into the forest. She finds
herself lost in the forest. Instead of the path that would take her home, she sights a house. She enters, as she doesn’t know that this is a home of a bear family. In the house, there are three bowls of porridge, three chairs, three beds ... of different sizes. Goldilocks finds herself the right chair, the right bowl, and the right bed. She eats porridge from the smallest bowl, accidentally breaks the smallest chair, and falls asleep in the smallest bed. The bears find her and … walk her home

The story, that seems simple at first sight, allows children to learn to order things by size, while at the same time raises questions about the daring curiosity and boundaries of other people’s personal space.

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