Guardians of the Formula

Duration: 2 H
Outdoor cinema cycle Letni kino Minoriti

Pre-film International Stoptrik Film Festival

Guardians of the Formula (Čuvari formule)

Dragan Bjelogrlić / Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, 2023, 119 min / in French, Serbian with Slovenian subtitles

October 1958. The Cold War is at its peak. The work of acclaimed Parisian doctor Mathé at the Curie Institute in Paris is interrupted by the sudden arrival of four Yugoslav scientists who were exposed to radioactive radiation in an attempt to assemble an atomic bomb. Mathé is horrified because he must assist people in dealing with a weapon that could destroy the world. Nevertheless, his humanistic nature prevails, and since there is no cure for their condition, he proposes a revolutionary experiment - the first bone marrow transplant in history. Is this a risky experiment on human beings or a sincere desire to help fellow humans from behind the Iron Curtain?

The world is ideologically divided. The world is economically divided. Once again, we are on the brink of a major war. The only things that can save us are humanity and empathy. In the film, I explored how the formula of death can become the formula of life.

Dragan Bjelogrlić

Distributer za Slovenijo: Fivia

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