Ivana Djilas: But you can be quiet at least once

Duration: 1 h 30 min
Mariborska knjižnica

In the peculiar autobiography of the theater director, writer and publicist Ivana Djilas, essay stories and family photos, as captured by Peter Uhan, are interwoven. At the same time, it is a biography of the world we live in, as the writer uses real stories to reflect on a wide variety of social phenomena. With the dramaturgically polished, humor-lined writing, we feel as if we were debating with the writer on the sofa in the living room about the fact that we should not be silent and that "some things simply have to be done because it is so right. And because no one will do them for us."

The conversation about the book will be directed by Maša Ogrizek, a youth writer and thinker of everyday life.

Mariborska knjižnica is kicking off a new season of Reading Badges for Adults with a conversation called Remembering the Great Names.

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