Duration: 1 H 15 MIN
Festival Lent

The omnibus of original short stories interpreted by Jure Ivanušič with the band Nordunk is a rollercoaster of a wide range of emotions – from love and passion, happiness and pain, to inner anxiety and unfulfilled dreams. It’s a kaleidoscope of topics that have to do with every modern individual – from modern slavery to bluffed relationships, revolt and conformism, poverty and violence, from the fear of life to the fear of a life wasted. The concert’s overall music image includes a touch of short film music sprinkled with rock, as the chanson cannot be lived to the fullest if it is limited by academic constraints or made an afterthought to trendy music. It also displays characteristics of satirical theatre with plenty of irony and satire. Even if the concert features a few covers of pieces by Brel and Ferré, most of the music and lyrics were written by Jure Ivanušič. Rock Chanson is a project that caters both to fans of more complex lyrics and to fans of good symphonic rock.

Jure Ivanušič, vocals, accordion
Gregor Antauer, keyboards
Bojan Logar, saxophone, clarinet
Simon Šimat, guitar
Andrej Antauer, bass
Martin Roser, drums

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Where are we
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