Karmina Šilec: PHILOMELA

Duration: 1 H 30 MIN
geolocated sound exibition

"I want to show to the world (to the degree that it is granted to me in this profession of music) the foolish error of men, who so greatly believe themselves to be masters of high intellectual gifts which cannot, it seems to them, be equally common among women." Maddalena Casulana (Italy, c.1544 – c.1590)

Architectural space is not a total message in itself. It makes something possible, but it becomes fully meaningful only when it is used. It can also be an indicator of the content. Architecture could become interesting differently when experienced via auditory senses. Space through sound. In sound exhibition Philomela the interplay between aural and visual architecture creates captivating spatial experiences. Sonic walk is designed to immerse a walker in the sounds and place by placing music in the church and in quiet spaces of outdoor courtyards what heightens walkers’ awareness to sound and space. Songs sound like the landscape what shaped the experience. After installing the free smartphone app and downloading Philomela, participants can explore at their own pace, triggering a dense array of musical cells that are carefully crafted to harmonize with the Minoriti church landscape and attractions. 

PHILOMELA tries to increase awareness of the gaps in our knowledge of music composed by women. The project aims to change our understanding of the canon of classical music, and its overwhelmingly male appearance. The project aims to investigate forgotten identity of early women composers. The goal is also to erase the need for the distinction of ‘female’ composer entirely.

When we think of some of the big composers throughout history, names like Mozart, Mahler, Schumann, Holst and Mendelssohn automatically spring to mind. But how many of us imagine the women with the same surnames: Nannerl, Alma, Clara, Imogen and Fanny, all equally talented composers in their own right.

Composers: Maria Jochaina Rodrigues, Téodora Gines, Caterina Assandra, Clara Margarita Cozzolani,Maria Xaveria Perucona

Performers:Carmina Slovenica, Karmina Šilec, Irena Pahor, Urška Breznik, Dina Slama, Simona Raffanelli Krajnc, Biserka Petkovic, Olga Peceny,Sonia Altinier, Monica Pelliciari


Carmina Slovenica's first geolocation sound exhibition takes the listener through Minoriti Church. With the help of a simple application loaded on a smartphone, listeners follow the markings on the map of Minoriti. When listeners enter geographically restricted areas - at locations marked with a circle - the musical content of Carmina Slovenica's performance is triggered.

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