Kavarna Astoria

Duration: 1 h 40 min
Letni kino Minoriti in cooperation with the Slovenian Film Center and the Slovenian Cinematheque
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The film Kavarna Astoria (1989) depicts with a good amount of nostalgia the transformation of the Astoria cafe from the pre-war center of bourgeois life in Maribor to its sudden decline after the Second World War. It tells the story of a middle-class family - a coffee shop owner, his wife and their son. Through their individual destinies, we get to know the wider social and historical background of the half-past era, especially the social and national differentiation of pre-war Maribor, which was divided in all respects. The first post-war years are characterized by the senselessly cruel measures of the so-called revolutionary social transformation, in which tragedy and randomness intertwine, resulting in unintentionally comical events, of course viewed from a safe time distance.

Jože Pogačnik's so-called cult film will premiere in a revised digital format, the digitalization process was led by the Slovenska Kinoteka, and the screening, which will also be attended by members of the film crew - including the actors Janez Hočevar Rifle and Brane Šturbej - is being carried out in collaboration with the Slovenian Film Center.


Janez Hočevar - Rifle, Ldija Kozlović, Branko Šturbej, Vlado Novak, Anton Petje, Nataša Ralijan, Aleš Valič, Roman Končar, Ivo Ban, Brane Grubar, Andrej Kurent, Borut Veselko, Demeter Bitenc, Ludvik Bagari, Darja Reichman, Dario Varga, Judita Zidar et al.

Directed by Jože Pogačnik

Screenplay by Žarko Petan based on the text by Ervin Fritz

Photo by Janez Verovšek

Music by Bojan Adamič

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