Kočan & Band feat. Šalamon, Resnik, Jančič

Duration: 45 MIN
45 MIN
Kočan & Band feat. Šalamon, Resnik, Jančič

Award-winning poet Kristina Kočan, who has published four poetry collections so far, has invited three excellent Slovenian musicians to her project, combining poetry and music: Samo Šalamon on bass guitar and moog synthesizer, Denis Jančič on drums, and Cene Resnik on tenor saxophone. Kristina Kočan first began developing this project with Denis Jančič, joining poetry and music on drums several years ago; now, the duo has upgraded into a quartet. Kočan's poetry, which is transferred to another level with the help of improvisatory music, still remains the foundation of the project. For the concert presentation, Kristina Kočan uses her voice and electronic effects, whereas musical instruments provide a counterpoint to her lyrical expression. The project explores contemporary and innovative ways of intertwining poetry and improvisatory music. Music and poetry are in constant interaction, at times even codependency, and are never presented as separate entities. It is a unique demonstration of poetry that does not put any lines or words to the forefront but flows and finds its place in a concise musical accompaniment in a powerful way.

Kristina Kočan poet
Samo Šalamon guitar
Cene Resnik tenor saxophone
Denis Jančič drums

Running time 45 minutes. No intermission.
In collaboration with the Maribor Library.

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