Labouzou Family trio

Duration: 1 H 15 MIN

The trio of musicians met in the Maribum Afriqui 2023 project in Slovenia. Daouda Labouzou Kone, otherwise an excellent Malian drummer and percussionist (currently on tour with Salif Keita), introduced himself on the n'goni, a typical Malian strum, and as the author of most of the compositions. Fragments of traditional pentatonic and heptatonic melodies can be unmistakably detected in his compositions, but at the same time they are original, fresh and current and clearly flirt with modern musical genres. The rich rhythm, where we hear several parallel, intertwining patterns, is wrapped in the sound of the cello, an instrument closely related to Western classical music, but which works unusually well in primitive African music and gives it wings in a new way. The cello is played by the excellent young musician Ariel Vei Atanasovski, a student of the classical music conservatory in Graz, but also active as a composer and instrumentalist in other musical fields. They are accompanied by Tina Sovič, head of the African-Slovenian association Maribum Afriqui, on the African gourd, a percussion instrument.

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