Little Accorn's Secret

Duration: 35 min
forest detective story
Želodkova skrivnost

The idea for the performance came from delving into the rich treasury of fables and evolved into a story that expands the form of the fable but retains some of its essential features. Fables are witty, picturesque and unobtrusively instructive.

There is only one acorn on the oak, and each animal is convinced that it is hers. Each of the animals substantiates this fact with interesting and witty arguments. But the acorn suddenly disappears. The animals begin to investigate the disappearance and blame each other. But in reality, the little acorn was blown away by the wind, laid on soft ground and covered with soil so that a new oak would grow out of it and give birth to enough acorns for all the forest animals.

Animal characters are close to children. Animals present a good entry point into the story. They are a point of identification, a point that allows you to read a story. The jay, wild boar, roe deer and squirrel … each with its recognizable shape, with the character traits we attribute to them, allow small and valuable sketches about cunning, timidity, courage, stubbornness … about everything children learn and will learn about relationships.

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