Maja Keuc

Duration: 1 H
Presentation of new album Sončnice

"For me, the essence of life resembles the graceful turn of a sunflower, ceaselessly seeking the radiant light that embodies hope, love, and faith." This vibrant energy pulses within Maja Keuc, a celebrated vocalist who has ascended to the pinnacle of the music world. Following Slovenia's remarkable triumph at Eurovision, Maja embarked on a journey to craft her next musical narrative within her homeland. Immersed in the tranquil and fertile grounds of her native Slovenia, she felt inspired to explore her musical talents in the Slovenian language. After years spent abroad, the beckoning of her roots called to her once more."

In her latest album, "Sunflowers," Maja Keuc unveils a delightful blend of buoyant optimism, profound introspection, and a wealth of life's journeys. Each lyric and melody within the album dances gracefully between contrasts - light and shadow, levity and depth. With anthemic tracks that bear the unmistakable imprint of her global adventures, listeners may catch glimpses of an electronic Nordic flair infused within her musical tapestry. Anticipation builds as the album's first single, "Labirint," prepares for release on April 23rd, promising an array of surprises leading up to her summer tour, where a fresh ensemble awaits to accompany her musical odyssey.

Maja Keuc vokal
Tilen Zakrajšek bobni, tolkala, klaviature
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