Duration: 1 h 20'

Synopsis: The documented trace of the history of skateboarding in Maribor goes all the way back to the end of the 80s of the last century, when the first turns of the skateboarding scene in Maribor were made on Jakopiceva Street. Skateboarding gradually more and more intensively co-shaped and shaped the social guidelines of young people in the city, which filled the until then rather empty space of personal freedom, thought and expression. Persistence, will and, above all, love for life on a skateboard were the godfathers of the creation of the largest skateboarding training ground in Slovenia, which was created with the zeal and dedication of those who were among the first to skateboard. Today, the park is one of the most prominent and successfully operating centers of sports, culture and intergenerational integration in Maribor. This is a story about time and people who knew that it was necessary to "stand and exist" on wheels. The documentary is a development upgrade of the new and permanent exhibition "Sk8am tore sem" in the National Liberation Museum Maribor. Sk8 or Die Uros Dokl, Museum Consultant (NO Museum) Tomaz Praunseis, Jagan

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