Melting Dreams and a conversation with the film crew

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Documentary / Haidy Kancler / Slovenia, Austria, Finland, 2022 / 83 min

Pre-film: Selection of the DokuDoc festival

The film by the Maribor filmmaker was chosen by the film critic of the newspaper Večer Matic Majcen as the best film of 2022.

In the Afghan city of Bamyan, three local girls under the guidance of Slovenian coach Ana dream of becoming professional skiers and participating in the Olympic Games. But when they arrive in Europe for intensive training, they are faced with insurmountable cultural differences and the relentlessness of European professional sports. What begins as an opportunity to follow your dreams turns into an unpredictable emotional roller coaster with unpleasant consequences. Girls' dreams are universal and easy to identify with, but their culture is much more complex and often difficult to understand from other perspectives. The film does not judge or take sides, but offers insight into the emotionally unpredictable journey of a ski dream.

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