Preview: The cases of Inspector Vreno: The Invisible Man

Duration: 2 h
Season 2, Part 1
Preview: The cases of Inspector Vreno: The Invisible Man

We conclude the autumn section of Film Sundays and Saturdays in Lutkovno with a preview of the first part of the new season of the Slovenian television crime series Cases of inspector Vrenko, entitled The Invisible Man. The series is based on the novels of August Demšar, a resident of Maribor, and mainly takes place in Maribor, so we are offering a pre-premiere screening to Maribor audiences.

After the screening, we will talk with the series team.

The team

The series is directed by Slobodan Maksimović and Boris Jurjaševič. In addition to them, the author's core consists of director of photography Vladan G. Janković, set designer Mateja Medvedić, costume designer Katarina Šavs, mask designer Lija Ivančič and editor Jurij Moškon.

Criminal inspectors Dari Varga (Vrenko) and Lotos Šparovec (Brajdič) were joined in the new season by a new assistant - Lovro Zafred (Krajnc).


Final preparations are underway in Maribor for a congress on the topic of ecology, organized by the ambitious director of the Institute, Ema Žnidaršič (Pia Zemljič). A special guest is an internationally renowned expert, a Slovenian from Zameje, Peter Divjak (Uroš Fürst). Although the congressmen's trip to Pohorje, led by Ema's colleague Marta Jenko (Nina Ivanišin), was successful at first glance, on the morning of the big event, the body of the visiting congressman, the distinguished scientist Divjak, washes up in the Drava River. When investigations show that Divjak died a violent death, inspector Martin Vrenko (Dario Varga) and his new colleague Tadej Krajnec (Lovro Zafred) set out to find the perpetrator.

A large part of the scenes was filmed in Maribor, in Vetrinjské dvor and Lent, and the characters were played by well-known actors Pia Zemljič, Nina Ivanišin, Uroš Fürst and Peter Boštjančič, in addition to familiar faces - Darij Varga, Lotos Šparovec, Katarina Čas, Janez Hočevar Riflet.

The first season of the series, which was broadcast on Television Slovenia in 2021, broke ratings records and became the best-watched drama series on TV Slovenia in this millennium. The second season of Inspector Vrenko's cases will premiere on TVS screens in early 2023.

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