Roads / Lazar Čolović & Tjaša Korenjak

Duration: 1 h

The concept of "Roads" was born as an idea to combine music and dance with non-verbal communication.

The dance is set in an improvisational form; this one finds its central inspiration in the composition "Popoklop" (original music by Lazar Čolović), based on a flexible form of minimalist themes with various rhythmic structures. The project moves between spontaneous improvisation and modern literature for percussion instrument with visual accompaniment as the film is played on the screen. The project was first performed in Murska Sobota in May 2022, and preparations are underway for the Maribor concert a derivative of Roads 02, which delves even deeper into the exploration of communication, this time also through spoken language, Norwegian.

It is a unique crossover project, so it includes composed music, improvisation, dance,
visual art and spoken word. Nevertheless, it is all based on spontaneity, which the artists want to feel together with the audience. It is also challenged by questions about communication itself - whether is an accurate understanding of the material even necessary for it? Lazar Čolović (1979) is a percussionist born in Kruševac, Serbia. His musical career began at the age of four years; he performed as a percussionist with the brass ensemble Abrašević. At the age of six, he started attending clarinet lessons at the Stevan Hristić Music School in Kruševac. After the Music Theory Department continued his studies at the prestigious Stanković School of Music in Belgrade. He continued his percussion studies at Academy of Music in Belgrade. In 1998 he was awarded first prize in the national competition in the percussion category the prize. Since 2001 he has been regularly engaged as a percussionist by several orchestras in Belgrade (Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, National Theatre Symphony Orchestra, RTS Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Symphony orchestra).

In 2003 he was commissioned by the National Theatre Sterija (Vršac, Serbia) to compose music for the theatre performance The Induction of Time, based on the text of the play The Bald Dancer (EIonesco). Lazar has also had a long collaboration with the internationally renowned piano ensemble LP Duo (Sonja Lončar, Andrija Pavlovič). As a soloist and chamber musician, he has participated in numerous international festivals specialising in contemporary music. In 2008, he received a scholarship to study at the Institute of Dance and Music in Stavnager (Norway). Since 2018 he has been working at the Music School Murska Saturday, and remains active in concert, especially with the percussion group Murska Percussion Ensemble, solo project Popoklop and chamber projects.

Tjaša Korenjak(1988) was born in Maribor. In 2012 she graduated from the Conservatory of Music and ballet in Maribor and at the same time at the III. gymnasium Maribor. After secondary school, she was accepted at the Pedagogical Faculty of Maribor, where she continued her studies in early childhood education. Student years with a diploma successfully completed her studies in 2016, and a year later, after her professional exam in Ljubljana, she gained experience in as a kindergarten teacher in the local kindergartens, but she has always tried and looked for opportunities to be introducing and teaching classical ballet to children. Small ballet rooms and kindergartens after a few years, the casino was replaced by a large ballet hall, first at the music school in Lendava and now at the music school in Murska Sobota, where he teaches. Every year, she and her pupils prepare a ballet performance. But it also wants to identify developmental characteristics with all kinds of special needs, so it already is currently furthering his knowledge at the postgraduate course in Inclusive Pedagogy.

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