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Robert Jukič is certainly a unique figure in the Slovenian and broader space. His musical creativity knows no bounds, and he has no intention of setting any, as its essence lies in exploration, seeking, and inviting reflection. On this album, he delves into transience, existence, and interpersonal relationships, all of which we witness from the adjacent table. The listener will initially interpret the events in their own way, but after repeated listens, we will all come to the same conclusion. It's impossible to overlook Jukič's incredible musical and lyrical expressiveness, which offers us more profound answers with each subsequent playback, delving deeper and deeper. In the eleven episodes of this work, which arise from the author's own need to contemplate the songs themselves, the curtains are drawn back at the outset, melodically following the vocal line only momentarily, mostly attempting to capture emotional states and depict fleeting moments, which it achieves primarily through rich harmony. The excellent musicians joining Robert in this project bring the essence to the forefront with refined and sensual execution.

Ana Bezjak vocal
Robert Jukič double bass
Tomaž Gajšt trumpet
Saša Mutić piano
Kristijan Krajnčan drums

The quartet with Kristijan Krajnčan, Tomaž Gajšt, and Boštjan Simon has already recorded two albums with Robert (Izza and Caminos de Gloria and Res Publica, which combines concert recordings from the previous two albums), and now they are joined by singer Ana Bezjak and pianist Saša Mutić. Due to a series of coincidences, a string quartet consisting of members of the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra also joins them. The album is further complemented by the visual design by Tinka Mesec Tomazin, which, like most of Robert's releases, sets it apart in Slovenian musical creativity.

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