Rumi and the Captain

Rumi in kapitan

Retired Captain Adrian finally has time to embark on a long voyage. For his crew, he chooses a loyal dog Rumi and a spoilt cat Aba. Stubborn and grumpy, he ignores the advice of a seagull, warning him of a storm, and sails away. The calm sea surface soon turns into turbulent waves. The Captain hands over the rudder to the fearless Rumi, and, together with the lazy cat Aba, sinks into a deep sleep. The storm pushes them towards the island where the refugees, two frightened children and a cat
Juzdahir, are hiding. The sulky Captain changes his nagging view of the world when he meets the lost children and selflessly helps the unusual group.

In the children's narrative poem Rumi and the Captain, Saša Pavček invites us to sail on the surface of life's trials, where waves of fear, grumble and selfishness are overcome by the calm feelings of courage, determination and love.

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