Sentido Project

Duration: 1 H
Festival Lent
Sentido Project

Sentido Project feature a vast array of instruments and contents that allow the artists to find a new sound, expressions, and artistic experience. The result is a contemporary hybrid genre, where the traditional flamenco guitar is replaced by other instruments and the music design fuses with jazz and is given colour through electro. The dancing body is an instrument that builds itself up as a protagonist through percussion, while the choreography sets its foundation in the quest for the musicality of movement. Sentido Project is a dialogue of dance and music and a percussion experience that leaves ample space for poetry as well. The creative core of the project Solo andar (“Just walk”) is combined with original contents that draw from flamenco and that transform and fuse it with other artistic styles. Sentido Project were created in 2019 and have put in their time in various line-ups on many concert stages in Slovenia and beyond. Some of their gigs include appearances at the 13th Ankara International Flamenco Festival in Turkey, the ZEMAN World Music Festival in Serbia, Noči v Stari Ljubljani, Trnovfest, the Tango-Flamenco-Fado Festival in Idrija, and many more. 

Urška Centa, dance, vocals, palmas
Tomaž Pačnik, keyboards
Tadej Kampl, bass
Nino Mureškić, percussion

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Where are we
Vojašniški trg 2, 2000 Maribor