Severa Gjurin and band

Duration: 1 H 15 MIN
Festival Lent
Severa Gjurin

Lyrical singer-songwriter pop is coming to the Judgement Tower – the singer with the soft, silky-smooth voice, Severa Gjurin and her band. Severa’s music, which she creates for the most part with her brother, Gal Gjurin, has been inspiring us for well over a decade, while her songs Kadar sva sama, Kjer je toplo, Ledena, Kakor da se nič ni zgodilo in Čakam are almost evergreens by now. 

This time, Severa and her soft yet passionate and strong vocals, coupled with world-class guitar players Dejan Lapanja and Uroš Rakovec, percussion master Blaž Celarec, and lyrical double bass player Žiga Golob, are about to take us on a romantic journey through her greatest hits. She will also perform some of her latest, even previously unreleased songs, which is just one of the reasons why this concert will be something truly special.

Severa Gjurin, vocals, guitar
Žiga Golob, double bass
Dejan Lapanja, guitars
Uroš Rakovec, guitars
Blaž Celarec, drums, percussion

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