Snow Queen

Duration: 55 min
Audio fairy tale
Snežna kraljica

Kay and Gerda are brother and sister. One evening their parents leave to a dance. The older sister should take care of her younger brother, but he miraculously disappears. He is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. In this hopeless situation, Gerda decides to go on a journey to the North Pole. On her way, she has to confront her fears. Her journey represents an initiation into adulthood - a good responsible little girl transforms into a heroine who takes matters into her own hands, surmounts
obstacles and saves her brother. Her courage and boldly exceeding establishes norms come to the fore.

The performance is a combination of table puppets, storytelling and sound theater. Animators, with the help of sounds created with various objects, animate our imagination. The objects, however, are not a mere illustration of the situations, but they act as lively, surprising stage material.

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