Duration: 1 H
32. Open Dance Scene • Festival Lent

Solitude breathes instead of me 

Š.I.K. JUNIOR, premiere dance performance

Choreography: April Veselko and dancers
Dancers and co-creators:  Pika Majcen, Mija Marušič, Jera Musil, Luka Oblak, Vita Pavšič, Eva Peklar, Maja Voglar Rodošek in gostujoči plesalci Sodobne 3A in 3B and guest dancers Contemporary 3A and 3B: Bina Čič, Ajda Čuš, Urška Kramberger, Neža Lampret, Deborah Iris Ačko Pušnik
Production: Plesna izba Maribor

The performance deals with the theme of loneliness and isolation in contrast to the feeling of connection, touch, and acceptance.

Duration: 40 min

Song about the setting sun

Ursus dancers, Dance performance

Mentor and choreographer: Urša Rupnik
Dancers and co-creators: Katarina Bogataj, Dijana Džamastagić, Vanja Kolanovič, Katja Kučina, Kaja Marion Ribnikar, Hana Murovec, Anja Spasovski, Nadja Spasovski, Sara Stadler, Maja Maša Šömen, Ina Trefalt, Nika Zidar
Original music: David Kocmur, David Nik Lipovac
Production: Studio za svobodni ples, Ljubljana

...let's stop for a moment and listen to the Song of the Setting Sun:

White fluffy feathers/rise/under the setting sun/along the endless edge of the world. /The white mountain, which lies far to the west,/rises immeasurably beautiful. /Her white-shining cascades of light/flow towards the earth.
In the middle of the earth I stand (1968), Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana

The Open Dance Scene is a festival of contemporary dance art, where we seek intersections between younger and already established artists, between their conceptually and expressively diverse performances that convince, inspire and culturally enrich the audience. It is a dance platform for networking dance creativity, originality, boldness, and successful international integration. This year, the main focus is on young dance talents, on the young generation of dance makers who, despite their youth, impress with their creative and performative maturity.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul.

Martha Graham
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