Speckles the Ball

Duration: 45 min
Žogica Marogica

Granny and Grandpa have been living alone for a long time, and would very much like to have a boy or a girl to keep them company. Suddenly, through the window, in flies a ball who speaks! She is hungry, so Granny and Grandpa hurry off to get her some milk. When Speckles is left alone, Brigand the dragon notices her through the open window. He invites her to go with him so that his little dragons could play with her. Speckles is hesitant at first, but when she accidentally breaks a small pot,
she quickly grabs onto the dragon's tail, and off they fly. Sad Granny and Grandpa go looking for her, ask around everywhere, until they hear a faint sound at the end of town, up on a high pole … With the help of children, they blow off the evil dragons and save Speckles the Ball.

Jan Malík's Speckles the Ball from 1994, directed by Tine Varl and using beautiful original puppets by Anton Jezovšek. Speckles the Ball remains one of the most popular performances at the LGM ever since its premiere in 1985. Since then, it was staged more than 550 times. We would like to know how it is received by our audience, how much it changed during these years (1985–1994–2014), how much magic remains in the dragon's puffing … And we will sing along, nostalgia in our
voice, with Granny and Granddad.

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