Spot and Splodge Plottspotting

Duration: 44 min

Original title Prick och Fläck på fläcken

Sweden, 2013, 44 minutes

Prick is dotted. Fläck is messed up. As it should be.

Prick is dressed in blue pants with dots and red shoes. Fläck wears pink pants with dots and blue shoes. They are very kind and take good care of each other. Are they boys or girls? We don't know that. But it is certain that they are not rabbits. Although they have long ears and two front teeth. If they are cold, they put warm socks on their ears. If they are afraid, they are cornered. Most of the time, however, they are very curious and observe the world in their own way, which is why they also know how to walk by their ears! They like to bake bread, treat themselves to sweets and explore the unknown. They are also brave, because they even follow fireflies in the night forest and even tear off a poisonous fly there! What will they do with her? In the episodes about Prick and Fläck, we will also see what they will do in the circus and what their disco party looks like!

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