Strength of Art

Duration: 1 h
Dance performance by the Dance Center

Nature creates naturally beautiful things such as the sunset, the sea, mountains... But man creates art. Art often has no practical goals, but it does have an aesthetic value. It is man's faithful companion at all stages of his cultural development. Art turns to the present and expresses the attitude towards its time. It also turns to the past and uses historical ideas. But he often stares into the future and thinks about man's destiny and the time that is yet to come.

Choreography by Tatjana Vdovič, Nadja Krajnc, Amy Anne Kennedy, Katarina Rijavec and Marko Urbanek

The dancers of the Dance Center are dancing

Text and design by Marko Urbanek

Narrator Ajda Pfifer

The idea of Maja Arzenšek, Ajda Pfifer and Marko Urbanek

Production by KD Center plesa

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