The Exciting Life of Bees

Duration: 40 MIN

Abroad, we are recognized as a nation of beekeepers. We are supposed to have beekeeping in our blood.

However, do we know how bees live? How big can a bee family be? Who are the members of the bee family? How do bees reproduce? Have the bees born with all the necessary knowledge they need to work and survive? What do they need for their normal development and how do they spend their working time?

To make it easier to understand the exciting life of bees, it’s good to know that their brains sense the slightest changes in light, sound, smell, and touch. They integrate muscle activity in a subtle and precise way. They regulate the functioning of organs in the body and thus maintain the most favorable living conditions. They learn from experience and by observing older bees, they communicate with each other through simple languages ​​and thus share their knowledge. It’s also good to know that a bee’s brain is no bigger than a grain of salt.

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