The Golden Flute

Duration: 3 h
Award Ceremony

The ninth Golden Whistle 2023 music awards will be presented at a ceremony in the Court Tower for the special and prominent achievements of creators of Slovenian popular music in the past year.

Each year, the Academy, made up of various experts from the music and media industries, examines the previous year's lineup, suggests nominees and selects the winners of the Golden Pipes. The Golden Whistle, awarded by the cultural and artistic association of the same name, is thus the only Slovenian professional music award intended for performers and creators of popular music. The association first presented the awards in 2015 for 2014, and the award, which also includes musical performances and debates on current topics in the music industry, has been a tradition since then.

The Golden Flute was well received by the musicians, as it continues to gain in reputation and becomes an ever stronger reference in the musicians' biographies.

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