The Little Nail

Duration: 45 min
Možiček žebljiček

The father had two sons, Darko and Janko. The two brothers loved listening to the fairy tales told by their father. Not only did they listen to the fairy tales, but they also performed. And in fairy tales, everything is allowed. A child can become the strongest boy in the world and can stop all cars and buses on the road with only one finger ... The two nails on the windowsill transform into little black gentlemen … Clumsy children fall through the hole
and land at the other end of the world, where they are chased by a pan and a worn-out shoe ... But in fairy tales, everything always ends happily, even though you tear the whole place in half, lose your clothes when you wander the streets … and even if a wolf appears in your room in the middle of the night.

The performance The Little Nail is a collage of short stories for children written by Lojze Kovačič. The performance features seven fairy tales from his collection Tales from the Town of Rič-Rač (Zgodbe iz mesta Rič-Rač).

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