The Plastonians

Ecological puppet musical

The performance The Plastonians tells the story of a new life of plastic beings that evolved on Earth after the extinction of humanity. The fate of the people ended with the outbreak of environmental catastrophes, which were the foreseeable consequences of the self-destructive power of the development of human civilisation: the sea level rose and flooded all the cities along the coasts of the oceans; the planet overheated and became uninhabitable; the planet was constantly exposed to severe
hurricanes, floods, and droughts; the air around cities has become toxic …

The Plastonians confront us with one of the biggest challenges of the near future. They present to the viewers the image of the end of human civilisation as predicted by modern science. People left behind an unimagined amount of plastic waste, which has been slowly decomposing in the oceans for millions of years. In seawater, conditions are eventually created for the process of plastogenesis, during which simple organisms develop from the microplastics. Over the next three billion years, the
process leads to a new civilisation of intelligent beings - the Plastonians.

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