Duration: 35 minut
Ves svet je marmelada

Miss Bazilika travels the world and collects fresh stories. But this time, things are not going according to plan. When she gets off at the station, she finds out she lost all her luggage! Her suitcases, full of puppets and stories, and her umbrella are gone, and what is worst of all - she cannot find her cow Liska. When she reports the loss at the lost luggage counter, a large wooden box awaits her there. Although she claims that it is a mistake, as there is an inscription marmalade on the
box, her sweet tooth wins after all. When she finally opens the box, she finds strange things in it: a train and a train station, a house that smells of doughnuts, a lantern, Margot and Friderick, and of course, marmalade. Bazilika is suddenly sucked into the fairy-tale world written by Peter Svetina in the story The Roly Poly Bakeress (Debela pekovka).

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