Tomaž Grom: Solo Kiss

Duration: 1 H
intimate, family, work, life, music, sound, double bass, electronics, image

Double bassist and author Tomaž Grom perceives music as a medium of communication rather than as aesthetic pleasure. He seeks reasons for making music. Uncompromisingly, he delves into the current social space. Music, for him, is a quest, filled with unanswered questions, the flow of ideas, and uncertain situations. Composition is improvisation. Improvisation grants him the space to explore, make mistakes, get lost, and devise intriguing solutions. He is the author of video portraits of artists appearing on the Centralala.si website and films such as Can't Wait for You to Come, Don't Think It'll Ever Pass, and I Would Like to See Trees Along the Way. He is the founder and program director of the Sploh Institute, which engages in the production of musical and performing arts, as well as education and publishing.

He has performed at festivals across Europe and North America and has created original music for numerous theatrical, dance, puppetry performances, and films.

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