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lecture, book presentation and discussion

In his latest book, My 33 Expeditions to the World's Highest and Most Remote Mountains, Viki Grošelj presents a chronological account of his ascents of 33 of the world's highest peaks between 1975 (the Makalu expedition) and 2022 (the Himlung expedition). The book is the author's valuable memoir of his almost half-century-long mountaineering adventure, and an expression of his gratitude for being alive and well after all of these - almost unbelievable - achievements.

Viki Grošelj is a world-class mountaineer, Himalayan climber, mountain guide, rescuer and sports educator. He has achieved outstanding success in all areas of his career, the greatest of which is, of course, in the conquest of mountains. He has participated in more than thirty expeditions to mountains outside Europe. In the Himalayas, he has made eleven ascents to the summits of ten of the fourteen eight-thousanders. He climbed all the peaks except Makalu, Everest and Kanchendzenga without the use of supplementary oxygen. He is also the first Slovenian to have climbed all the highest peaks of the continents.

He has received numerous national and international awards for his achievements in mountaineering, including the Slovenian Mountaineering Association's award for the most successful mountaineering skier. He received it in 2001 for his descent from the 8201-metre-high Cho Oja.

The award that means the most to him is his inclusion on Messner's list of the greatest rock and ice climbers, Rock & Ice Stars.Since 2006, the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner has included only 30 climbers from all over the world on his exclusive list, and in July 2023, Viki Grošelj was added to the elite company.

Viki Grošelj is one of the key figures of Slovenian mountaineering and one of the best mountaineers in the world... His motto is: mountaineering is adventure in the noblest, purest and most positive sense of the word.

Reinhold Messner


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