Young colleagues

Duration: 1 h
Echo of summer Festival

One of the development goals of our society is to create opportunities for the exchange of international experiences, the acquisition of new knowledge and the spread of personal references through participation in chamber groups with internationally renowned musicians.

We see the greatest value of our work in the way musicians are brought together, in which an established musician acts as music director. Among musical performers, there is an unwritten rule regarding the formation of chamber ensembles: always invite more experienced musicians than yourself to participate. With the Young Colleagues project, we want to pass this on to the young generation of future professional musicians. A musician's performance always depends on his reaction to other musicians. If we include top artists among them, the musician will gain an invaluable experience that he could not have obtained by working with musicians from the same environment.

In the Young Colleagues project in 2023, three young musicians - female students and a male student of the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet - will work with established musicians experienced in chamber music.


  • W. A. Mozart: String Quartet no. 1 in G major, K. 80/73f

  • L. van Beethoven: Sextet in E flat major, op.81b

  • W. A. Mozart: Ein musikalischer Spaß, KV 522


Veronika Vilar Brecelj violin

Viva Jurič violin

Roberto Papi viola

Nuša Hlade cello

Sarah Akif horn

Srečko Korošec horn

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