Duration: 1 H 5 MIN
32. Open Dance Scene • Festival Lent

Young Dance Creators

Award-winning dancers of short dance pieces at the OPUS 1 National Competition of Young Dance: 
ICE SNOWFLAKE,  Pia Zabukovšek – mentor Vanja Kolanovič
THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE AIR, Dora Domjanić – mentor Dalanda Diallo & Vanja Kolanovič
DANCE ITSELF, Matija Bračko – mentor Dalanda Diallo & Vanja Kolanovič
OUT OF THE BOX, Ian Hotko – mentor Gašper Kunšek
TANGO, Varja Golec Horvat, Maruša Jovanović – mentor Petja Golec Horvat
A DIFFERENT MUSE, Maja Voglar Rodošek – mentor April Veselko
JUST NOW, Petja Golec Horvat – mentor Toni Soprano Meneglejte
ENSO, Rea Vogrin – mentor Gašper Kunšek
FALLING IN…, April Veselko

The event presents young dance talents who create original choreographies and impress the audience and jury members with the immediacy and richness of their short dance pieces.


Š.I.K. JUNIOR, dance performance

Choreography: Dalanda Diallo
Co-creation and dance: Urška Kramberger, Pika Majcen, Jera Musil, Neža Lampret, Luka Oblak, Vita Pavšič, Špela Pehant, Eva Peklar, Maja Voglar Rodošek
Production: Plesna izba Maribor

Even if we speak the same language, each individual translates each message into their internal language, consisting of their experiences, perceptions, interests, feelings, and cognitive processes. Thus, the translation is at best only an echo of the essence.

We are islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.

Rudyard Kipling

The Open Dance Scene is a festival of contemporary dance art, where we seek intersections between younger and already established artists, between their conceptually and expressively diverse performances that convince, inspire and culturally enrich the audience. It is a dance platform for networking dance creativity, originality, boldness, and successful international integration. This year, the main focus is on young dance talents, on the young generation of dance makers who, despite their youth, impress with their creative and performative maturity.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul.

Martha Graham
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